Entry #1

Uploading A image !

2016-12-07 23:24:11 by CyberBrian360

Hey Guys iam a Bit Of Trouble Uploading my "Images "!

it Keeps Saying (Uscouted limit exceeded ?)

I Don't Know if there's A Problem with My Account Or ?

Thanks Guys !

Brian (Cyberbrian360!)


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2016-12-08 02:09:37

The audio portal has an upload per day limit, maybe the art portal is the same.

(Updated ) CyberBrian360 responds:

oh Haaaa !
Haaa ! thank You !

oh i Just Tryed Posting Again ? Its Still Saying ( It ? "Uscouted limit exceeded ?"! )


2016-12-09 13:46:45

I don't know what the problem might be. Maybe logout then back in. If that didn't work I would see if Tom could help. Hope you find out the problem and if you do please let us know.

CyberBrian360 responds:

Oh Haaaa !
thank you Ill Try it now !
ill Let You Guys Know ! ;)